House by Ralph Derby

The mission of the Fullerton Mansion Center for Culture and History is to provide facilities and other support for activities of cultural and/or historic interest in and around the city of Newburgh, New York.

Our overall vision is to help Newburgh achieve its potential as a broadly diverse, culturally dynamic urban environment; and to regain its former status as a jewel of the Hudson Valley.  From our base in the historic Fullerton Mansion, we will seek to blend old and new — promoting and assisting a wide variety of artistic endeavors, and also activities embracing Newburgh’s rich history.

We propose to work closely and cooperatively with existing non-profit and community organizations, supporting their core activities and also fostering greater dialogue and cooperation among them.

We hope to promote wide public recognition of Newburgh’s role in the greater tableau of United States history, and greater pride and awareness within the local community of the city’s heritage, including its rich stock of architectural treasures.

We intend to focus special attention on Newburgh’s historic role in the development of gardening and landscape architecture in America, and to connect this heritage with programs to beautify the city.

At the same time, we remain acutely aware of the needs of Newburgh’s low income community, and are committed to finding ways to bring the benefits of art, history and creative endeavor to the entire community.